About Coastbase


CoastBase is a database of information on priority coastal issues in Atlantic Canada. It is intended to help facilitate greater networking and collaboration on coastal research initiatives, to promote informed decision-making, and to make information about coastal issues more accessible to policy-makers, coastal managers, stakeholders, and the public. CoastBase was developed by the Coastal Research Network Secretariat at Dalhousie University with support from the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and Environment Canada. 

CoastBase contains information on priority issues in Nova Scotia including:

  • Coastal Biodiversity, Habitats, and Ecosystems 
  • Coastal Hazards and the Impacts of Climate Change
  • Coastal Water Quality
  • Coastal Development
  • Public Coastal Access
  • Working Waterfronts
  • Coastal Governance

Use the Search and Wiki Submit tools to find or add information about coastal management including:

  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Publications
  • Research and monitoring projects
  • Legislation and policies
  • Mapping and data sets

Check out the User Guide to learn more about CoastBase's tools and features.